New blog arrives with photos of Chicago

STOP THE PRESSES !!!  (do they still say that?) Welcome to the premier posting of Chicago Daily Views, a visual and written chronicle of the Windy City, a.k.a., my kind of toddlin’ town with the big shoulders.  I plan to focus primarily on my visual images, all things photographic, happenings in Chicago, and anything else that needs to see the light of day.  In time you will find photos of Chicago skyline, beaches, restaurants, historic buildings, architecture, and everyday people.  Comments are welcome…   go to Chicago photographer web site

"Duck Soup" at Grant Park

"Duck Soup" at Grant Park

Last month approximately 20,000 people came to Grant Park to view the Marx Brothers’ “Duck Soup”.   Mayor Daley is touting this and every other gathering of ten or more people as evidence that Chicago is capable of hosting the 2016 Olympics.
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1 Response to New blog arrives with photos of Chicago

  1. rich says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Best blog I’ve read in last 5 minutes. Astute. Real. Humorous and funny too. Amazingly well-put. Great pix too.

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