Chicago Skyline Secrets

People are always asking me where they can find the best vantage points for taking skyline photos of Chicago.  While there are countless places to set up your tripod for a nice view of the city, the following ten spots never cease to arouse my creative juices.  Different seasons, different times of day, the view is always changing.  Perhaps other photographers think I am giving away trade secrets (not unlike a magician revealing his tricks), but these locations are there for everyone to appreciate.    –If anyone is interested in purchasing prints of photos on my blog, please get in touch–all sizes, black & white or color, and framing is available.

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2 Responses to Chicago Skyline Secrets

  1. Great images! I love taking landscape shots myself yet do so very little of it. Rick

    • Stupendus pictures. You see the world through a lens. I see it as a canvas and after many hours-days of brush and paint on a canvas I have my picture.

      Take a peak of some of my ventures in the art of brush and canvas at:

      Latest paintings are Chicago Lighthouse and Columbus Park Waterfall.

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