News Leak

Everyone is doing their part to show their support for the gulf oil cleanup or perhaps their disgust for BP.  A minor league baseball team in Florida in their zeal to protest anything even remotely related to BP has changed the name of batting practice (those guilty initials) to hitting rehearsal.  Executives at BP apparently were devastated to hear this terrible news.  This act of social protest ranks second only to the flurry of Freedom Fries we were forced to endure several years ago when we were supposed to boycott everything French because they failed to fall in line with some American jingoistic march to war.  In the inimitable words of Rodney King, “can we all get along?  And that philosophy was put into practice this weekend when Sir Elton John agreed to sing at the fourth wedding of homophobic pundit Rush Limbaugh.  Was this the onset of a new age of tolerance, or was the $1 million fee enough to keep Sir Elton from puking in the wedding cake?

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