Hyde Park: Life in Obama-land

It’s been one year since President Obama’s inauguration, and it seems like a good time to pay tribute to his hometown, Hyde Park.  Granted, the president hasn’t been here too often in the last year, but this previously unheralded corner of the city is emblematic of the  diverse America that Obama frequently speaks of.  This small enclave by the lake screams diversity in it’s ethnic and economic make-up, as well as its architecture, museums, restaurants, shops, and parks.  With the University of Chicago as it’s academic anchor, Hyde Park also boasts a wealth of scholars from every corner of the world.  Just walking your dog or shopping at the local farmers market, one is likely to rub shoulders with a Nobel Prize winner, best-selling author, or close friend of Obama’s.  With these photos, I try to represent just a fraction of the diverse nature of this close-knit community.

Prints are available of any photo on my blog.   Chicago Photography web site


2 Responses to Hyde Park: Life in Obama-land

  1. bigdog says:

    What a great collage of Chicago’s Hyde Park area. I love the shot of the little boy with the American Flag hat. Lawn bowling too? Great stuff.

  2. tina says:

    Great photos! Hyde Park is such a beautiful area – I’m overdue for a visit! Of course I have to ask about the Hyde Park Quaker parrot photos 😉

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