Seven rainy days in May

Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.  Was that Shakespeare? Or Willard Scott?  Well, I AM gonna do something about it.   Not exactly sure what that is, however.  I am familiar with some very effective rain dances, but what we need here is a sun dance.  There must be some that have a good track record of success–I need to do a little research, and if I come up with anything good, I will start dancing on my balcony until the sun pops out.
For you sports fans, the Blackhawks (that’s hockey) have won the second round of the playoffs and will play San Jose in a few days.  The Cubs….well, let’s not talk about that.  There’s always next year.  So much for sports.
Just read in the Tribune today that Walgreens will start selling a DNA Genetic test so we can discover all those hidden secrets within our genetic code.  After forking out $30 for the test, you send your saliva off to some lab, then you have to pay $180 for the results.  Does anyone want to pay all that money to have it confirmed that there is dimwittedness in their family? Or a propensity for slovenliness? Or a susceptibility to spend lots of money on pointless test results?  No thank you, I will keep my money for more important things like chocolate.
Here are some local rain photos in case you’ve been in the storm shelter for the past two weeks–this is what you’ve been missing.  Have a nice day.
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