Web Site Runaround

Spring is in the air, and that means its web site redesign season.  The fact that I have failed to redesign my site for a decade of springs underscores the overwhelming necessity to make some major changes.  As with most things related to technology, there are so many decisions to make and I have so little knowledge on the subject.  Should I take the easy way out and hire a web site guru, let them do all the creative and grunt work and then hit me with a whopping bill?  I’ve actually gotten some price quotes and the good news is they are lowering their prices because of the recession, but they don’t realize I have also lowered my budget because of the same recession.  There still appears to be a gap between their idea of a bargain and mine.
The second option is to find a template and customize it to suit my needs.  This seems so easy and straightforward, but like most things advertised with the phrase “just three easy steps” there are more than three steps, and they aren’t so easy.  Reminds me of the time I tried to take an online course in brain surgery.  Things were going well for a while, I passed all the tests, I watched several YouTube videos of real surgeries, but then the final exam came around and  I had to perform a surgery.   Let’s say it wasn’t a pretty picture.
Getting back to the web site.  I just emailed a web design company in Bangalore India who says they have 60 web designers waiting to update my site with all the latest bells and whistles.  I know that outsourcing this work will not help to stimulate our economy, but this might turn out to be the best way to go.   I’m waiting to hear back, in the meantime I think I will Google “Search Engine Optimization” and that should totally mess up my mind.
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