May Day Digressions

This is the second lovely day in a row, that can mean only one thing: WINTER IS OVER.  As wonderful as that sounds, I refuse to put my winter coat and boots in storage  until the Fourth of July–can’t be too safe when dealing with Chicago weather.  I was so busy this past winter, I barely noticed the weather.  Photo assignments became more frequent, and the sale of fine art prints never slowed down.  The past few months I have been taking Comedy Songwriting classes at Second City; that’s over for now, but soon I start Comedy Writing.  I’m not about to quit my day job, but it never hurts to hedge one’s bets (just ask Goldman Sachs).  I went to my first ballgame of the season and had my first Chicago hot dog–it was a blissful experience…the hot dog, not the game.  With the weather improving, I’ll be out and about with my camera documenting all the changes in the city.  Still have no photos of the new Trump Tower–not sure if that’s the official name.  And I wonder if the Willis Tower looks any different now that it is no longer called the Sears Tower.  That’s a little of what has been happening, expect some new photos soon.

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2 Responses to May Day Digressions

  1. Tina says:

    What, no photos of that hot dog??

  2. Wedgie says:

    was the dog fully loaded? fries and pickles too?

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